Sunday, October 25, 2009

H1N1 fact or fiction?

I have been amazed these days with all the media coverage of the N1H1, swine flu. When all the excitement started a while back I thought it was going to all blow over as people became more aware. It seems like lately the hype and fear has just gotten worse. If you are fretting over the swine flu check these links. They are a little long but very interesting and worth watching.

This video shows how the same swine flu came around in the 70's and the pharmaceutical companies capitalized on a media scare to ensure vaccinations. As you can see, It's a lot of hype looking to scare us... remind you of anything happening today?

Here's another that really spells things out. It talks about the connection between over vaccination and autism and other harmful diseases. Its a very interesting video that is worth your time.

What do you think?