Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Senior Project.

All students graduating from college have to do a final project, this project is often referred to as a senior project. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2007 with a degree in Fine Arts and had to do a senior project. For my senior project I did a large-scale painting on canvas. The final size of the painting was six by eight feet, making this the largest painting I have ever worked on. I built the frame and stretched the canvas myself which added another degree of difficulty to the project. I decided on a classical style and subject as I felt that would demonstrate my ability as an artist the best. The subject of the piece is Joseph, the earthly father and caretaker of Jesus, and Him as a newborn child. I chose this subject because I am an active member of the Christian community and have always wanted to do a piece of this nature. The star that marked the birth of the babe can be seen in the right top corner of the painting. I chose to feature Joseph instead of Mary to give a new perspective to the story. I wanted to show that Joseph was as much a part of his life as was his mother Mary. It is from Joseph that I am sure He learned his carpenter trade amongst many other things. Because of this, the piece is entitled, “The Carpenter’s Son”. The original painting was done in color as seen. I have featured a black and white version as well for variety.

  Here’s a little more on going to school for art. Getting a degree in Fine Arts is harder than people think. To complete my degree I needed to fulfill all the general education requirements plus all the art requirements. The art classes are difficult because they require six hours of studio/ class time each week. This is double the amount of a standard lecture class. Because of this, I had to spend twice as much time at school than most students of regular more academic subjects. So next time you meet a graduate of Fine Art let them know how impressed you are:) 


Heather said...

I always wanted to be an artist (except for the fact that I seriously have no tallent for it), but 6 hours of class for 3 units was enough to turn me away...I did take an "intro to" class, and I enjoyed it, but it was always a sad day when I had to put my smudges next to my classmates masterpieces. Congrats on finishing-I'm totally impressed.

Bob And Tiffany said...

We love the picture! Keep at it, even if your degree was in fine arts! :)

Bob And Tiffany said...

so what are you going to sell that picture to me for?
I love you my brother. I love your passion that goes along with your testimony about our Savior. I really think we need to get together and write a book.