Saturday, February 2, 2008

snow day

Wow! My first blog ever! I'm so excited to be learning about new and exciting technology. Hopefully i will stay motivated to work on my blog as often as possible. lets see, the other day i went up to the local mountains and had a really fun snow day with my girlfriend tamara! we romped around in the snow for while then went home when it started to rain on us a little. before we left, we built a snow man and went for a short hike. we took some silly pics with our snowman i thought were pretty funny. we found that building our snowman on a tall rock or hill made it so we had to do less work to get our snowman to the desired height. working with snow is super cold on your hands! between each layer i had to take a break to warm up. in the future i will bring a small shovel so i don't have to touch the cold snow over and over. we had a really great time and i am looking forward to going back and doing it again. next time we will drive my truck and haul some snow back with us. 


Tamara Ward said...

i really had a fun time too in the snow! next time hopefully we can go up the mountain a little higher and we will be in your new truck :) You make all our activities sooo much fun, and the best part is cuddling to get warm !!!!

Heather said...

I havent made it up to the snow yet this winter-sounds like you had tons of fun! I should probably make time for it soon, since it's time for the snow to, I probably wont make it...but hey, thanks to your new blog I've seen handmade snowman--I think that counts.

Amanda said...

Hi Ryan! (and Tammy)

If your snow melts too fast and you need another snow day, come and pay me a visit. It is likely to be snowing clear into May. :)