Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Senior Project.

All students graduating from college have to do a final project, this project is often referred to as a senior project. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2007 with a degree in Fine Arts and had to do a senior project. For my senior project I did a large-scale painting on canvas. The final size of the painting was six by eight feet, making this the largest painting I have ever worked on. I built the frame and stretched the canvas myself which added another degree of difficulty to the project. I decided on a classical style and subject as I felt that would demonstrate my ability as an artist the best. The subject of the piece is Joseph, the earthly father and caretaker of Jesus, and Him as a newborn child. I chose this subject because I am an active member of the Christian community and have always wanted to do a piece of this nature. The star that marked the birth of the babe can be seen in the right top corner of the painting. I chose to feature Joseph instead of Mary to give a new perspective to the story. I wanted to show that Joseph was as much a part of his life as was his mother Mary. It is from Joseph that I am sure He learned his carpenter trade amongst many other things. Because of this, the piece is entitled, “The Carpenter’s Son”. The original painting was done in color as seen. I have featured a black and white version as well for variety.

  Here’s a little more on going to school for art. Getting a degree in Fine Arts is harder than people think. To complete my degree I needed to fulfill all the general education requirements plus all the art requirements. The art classes are difficult because they require six hours of studio/ class time each week. This is double the amount of a standard lecture class. Because of this, I had to spend twice as much time at school than most students of regular more academic subjects. So next time you meet a graduate of Fine Art let them know how impressed you are:) 

Saturday, February 2, 2008

snow day

Wow! My first blog ever! I'm so excited to be learning about new and exciting technology. Hopefully i will stay motivated to work on my blog as often as possible. lets see, the other day i went up to the local mountains and had a really fun snow day with my girlfriend tamara! we romped around in the snow for while then went home when it started to rain on us a little. before we left, we built a snow man and went for a short hike. we took some silly pics with our snowman i thought were pretty funny. we found that building our snowman on a tall rock or hill made it so we had to do less work to get our snowman to the desired height. working with snow is super cold on your hands! between each layer i had to take a break to warm up. in the future i will bring a small shovel so i don't have to touch the cold snow over and over. we had a really great time and i am looking forward to going back and doing it again. next time we will drive my truck and haul some snow back with us.